Haznedar is a global supplier of high-grade refractory bricks and solutions for its wide range of customer industries over four continents. Among our partners are the iron& steel industry, cement& lime industry, nonferrous metallurgy sector, incinerators, petro-chemical plants& refineries and glass industry.

Haznedar’s manufacturing of refractory lining equipment of proven quality, high durability and absolute reliability set us as the leading provider of refractories together with our responsiveness to the ever evolving needs of the domestic and international markets. Attention to superior product performance, immediate service and Haznedar’s long history of expertise make us the number one choice for customer satisfaction.

With 250 skilled employees, Haznedar’s plant in Istanbul has a manufacturing capacity over 80,000 tons a year. Haznedar provides an extensive line of alumina and basic products of different formations and qualities that are used in high temperature furnaces and other processing units. Haznedar’s own research and development laboratory conducts meticulous testings for the manufacturing of new products as well as maintaining a consistent qualitiy of existing products. Haznedar’s broad scope of refractory materials expands further through the operations of its two sister companies: Durer Monolithics located in Istanbul and Vardar Dolomite located in Gostivar, Macedonia.

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